Ohio Vision Loss Prevention
Research Symposium

An Eye-Opening Experience...advancing vision
research from the lab bench to the patient

Monday, June 6, 2005 @ COSI Columbus, Ohio

For Vision Researchers, Clinicians, Public Health Professionals, Aging Network
Professionals, Bio-Science Funders & Leaders from Government and the
Bio-Tech Industry

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Conference Registration Fees:
includes breakfast, lunch, breaks, reception, parking and conference materials
 Before May 1, 2005 - $50.00  |  Students - $30.00  |  After May 1, 2005 - $75.00 
Registration begins at 7:30 a.m.


  • New sources of funding for commercializing research discoveries
  • Opportunities to develop collaborations and a vision research agenda for Ohio
  • New, cutting edge treatments for potentially blinding eye diseases such as AMD,
    glaucoma, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy
  • Patient Support Resources (rehabilitation, patient education, and social services)
  • Information about the importance of healthy lifestyles and early detection to
    prevent vision loss

The Goal

To foster a collaborative environment for accelerating the translation of vision research
discoveries into the creation of Ohio health care products and services that prevent vision loss due to aging eye diseases.

The Need

The Ohio Vision Loss Prevention Research Symposium will address the growing threat
of blindness and vision loss from age-related eye disease.  According to Vision
Problems in the U.S.,
a study conducted in 2002 by Prevent Blindness America with
support from the National Institutes of Health, the number of Ohio seniors affected by
age-related eye diseases is expected to double over the next 30 years as the Baby
Boomer generation ages, largely resulting from the eye diseases of diabetic retinopathy,
cataract, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). More than 2.5
million Ohioans will be affected.
Healthy People 2010 cited that in the U.S., an estimated 80 million people have a
potentially blinding eye disease, 3 million have low vision, 1.1 million are legally blind,
and 200,000 are more severely visually impaired. The 2010 report highlighted that vision
is critical to conducting activities of daily living, is a portal for language, and affects
developmental learning, communicating, working, health and quality of life. Vision
impairment is one of the most feared disabilities. The annual economic and societal
burden of vision-related disabilities is significant.  Based on a 2004 study published by
the National Eye Institute (NEI), the economic costs of visual disorders and disabilities in
the U.S. are estimated to be over $67.5 billion. Costs in Ohio alone are $2.7 billion.

Confirmed Speakers

Rafat Ansari, PhD
Director Vision Research Laboratory
NASA Glenn Research Center

Richard Bunner, MS
Public Health Consultant
Prevent Blindness America

Marc Cloutier, PhD
Special Assistant for Biotechnology
Ohio Department of Development

Tony Dennis, PhD

Robert Miller, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Neurosciences
Case Western Reserve University

Joe Hollyfield, PhD
Director of Research
Cole Eye Institute, The Cleveland Clinic

Rodney Horton, OD, MS
Medical Ophthalmics

Timothy Kern, PhD
Dir. Of Diabetes Research Center
Case Western Reserve University

Larry Leguire
Director of Eye Research
Children's Hospital-Columbus

David Millhorn, PhD
Genome Research Institute

Marcus Molea, MHA
Chief-Planning, Devel.,Evaluation Division
Ohio Department of Aging

Robert Newcomb, OD, MPH
Professor of Clinical Optometry
Ohio State University College of Optometry

John Rice, PhD
Founder and Managing Partner
Triathlon Medical Ventures

Cynthia Roberts, Ph.D.
Torrence A. Makley Research Professor, Department of Ophthalmology Associate Director, Biomedical Engineering Center Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Ophthalmology, and Surgery

Kathyrn Sullivan, PhD
President & CEO

Bill Tacon, PhD
Business Analyst

Other speaker invitations pending including Governor Bob Taft.

Planning Committee

Co-Chairs:  Tim Kern, PhD, Case Western Reserve University and
Marc Cloutier, PhD, Ohio Department of Development

Andy Aichele-COSI, Kira Baldonado-Prevent Blindness Ohio, Cheryl Boyce-Ohio
Commission on Minority Health, Jenny Camper-PhRMA,  Katia Del Rio-Tsonis, PhD,
Tony Dennis, PhD-OMERIS, Linda Fette-Ohio Optometric Association, Linda Fullmer-
Kemin Foods, Mark Hankin, PhD-Medical College of Ohio, Charles Hickey, MD-Ohio
Ophthalmological Society, Bob Horrocks-Ohio Council for Older Adults, Becky
Johnson-Rescola-Ohio Department of Health, Stephanie Jursek, Larry Leguire, PhD-
Children's Hospital, Gretchen Margraf-Ohio Department of Insurance, Marc Molea-Ohio
Department of Aging, Mike Mullin-Cleveland Sight Center, Robert D. Newcomb, OD-
The Ohio State University College of Optometry, Matt Schutte-OMERIS, and Lenny Williams-Ohio Department of Health.

Advisory Committee

Rafat Ansari, PhD-NASA Glenn Research Center, Julie Conry-The Ohio State University, Priscilla Diem-Battelle/GLITEC, Michael Hanes-Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, Jonathan Lass, MD-Case Western Reserve University, Cheryl Markino-Ohio Osteopathic Association, Andrea Mulkey-KnowledgeWorks Foundation, Ellen Papadimoulis-Ohio Veterans Visual Impairment Service Team, Leslie Sabbagh- Sabbagh Communications and Jan Wallace Ohio Nurses Association



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KnowledgeWorks Foundation 

Medical Ophthalmics, Inc.


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Conference Facility

Join us at COSI Columbus to...Explore Science. Discover Fun! COSI Columbus is
among the country's most highly respected science centers. COSI distinguishes itself by
creating programs and experiences that make science learning fun through hands-on
discovery. COSI features interactive, discovery-based and themed exhibit areas. The
Symposium will take place in COSI's Extreme Screen Theater and participants will have
the opportunity to explore the Ocean, Space and Life Exhibits! Go to
http://www.cosicolumbus.com/ to learn more and for directions to COSI.


The Ohio Vision Loss Prevention Research Symposium is a project of Ohio's Aging Eye Public Private Partnership, an initiative formed by a proclamation from Ohio Governor Bob Taft and supported by the Ohio Department of Aging. The mission of the Partnership is to develop a strategic plan of action to address issues relating to vision care public policy, vision care services, vision education, and vision loss prevention research that impact the quality of life for Ohio's seniors now and in the future. The Partnership is comprised of key leaders and experts in the areas of vision healthcare, the elderly and social services.

Partnership Members

Association of Philanthropic Homes for the Aging,  Association of Area Agencies on
Aging, Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, Council for Older Adults,
KnowledgeWorks Foundation, Ohio Council for Home Care, Ohio Association of
Gerontology and Education, Ohio Agencies Serving the Visually Impaired, NASA Glenn
Research Center, Ohio Department of Aging, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio
Department of Insurance, Representative Kathleen Chandler, Ohio Nurses Association,
Ohio Ophthalmological Society, Senator Steve Stivers, Senator Randy Gardner, Ohio
Rehabilitation Services Commission, Ohio Osteopathic Association, Ohio Optometric
Association, Ohio Veterans Visual Impairment Services Team, Opticians Association of
Ohio and Prevent Blindness Ohio.

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